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From essentials like heating, cooling and lights, to daily necessities like cooking, laundry and the kid’s bath-time, our lives run on electricity. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles are in ever-greater jeopardy; power outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer, with devastating effects. Protect your home and family with a Generac automatic standby generator and keep life going without disruption.

how does a generator work?

  1. Utility power is lost

    Maybe it’s a storm. Maybe a grid failure. Maybe one of those cyberterrorists finally broke through. Whatever the cause, the power is out and you need a solution.

  2. Your Generator turns on automatically

    Within seconds, your Generac generator senses the problem, turns on, and your house is fully powered--whether you’re home or not. And it keeps the power on, whether the outage lasts hours or weeks.

  3. Your Generator turns off automatically

    When your Generac generator senses that utility power is restored, it shuts itself off and returns to standby mode waiting to answer the call the next time you lose power.

how much power do you need?

By sizing your generator according to your needs instead of your home’s square footage, you won’t overspend or be surprised by inadequate coverage. Empire Heating & AC has the solution; essential circuit coverage for the basics, managed whole-house for average coverage, and true whole-house coverage to protect it all.

  1. Essential Circuit Coverage: Economical solutions to cover the basics.

    Many homeowners choose to cover only their essential circuits during an outage. Choose from options that create a simple, economical solution that keeps basics covered during an emergency.

  2. Managed Whole-House: Power management gains more coverage from a smaller generator.

    Gain up to whole-house coverage through smart power management. If it is unlikely you will turn on every appliance at the same time (most people don’t), a smaller generator paired with a Generac power- management switch provides whole-house coverage through a managed power solution by managing the power requirements of individual appliances.

  3. Complete-Whole House: When the power goes out, everything comes on and stays on.

    Generac’s full line of backup power solutions includes larger generators capable of covering every circuit in any size home for complete whole-house protection. Never wait for an appliance to take its turn being powered. When the power goes out, everything goes on and stays on — no matter how many circuits need to be backed up.

a wide range of sizes

Generac’s 7.5 kW Powerpact home standby generator is the affordable, automatic alternative to portable backup power. Features incorporate the quality and reliability of the best selling Guardian Series, while remaining the most affordable home standby generator available. Runs on LP or natural gas.

  • Prepackaged system available with a 50 Amp transfer switch featuring an eight circuit load center including breakers
  • Generac OHV engine is designed for reliability and long life
  • True Power™ technology provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances

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